Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Create rapid results in any area of your life with Emotional Freedom Technique

Have you ever felt like you’ve worked so hard on something, only to end up right back where you were when you started? Or maybe know exactly what it is you should be doing to get where you want to go, but every time you start you find a reason to get sidetracked, or give up completely? Maybe as soon as you start making any progress at all, the little voice in your head comes in and reminds you of all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t keep going?

If any of this sounds familiar, that’s good because it means you are a human being with a properly functioning brain! Instead of beating yourself up for it, get excited about the fact that you can make one simple shift and completely remove this blockage for the rest of your life.

Science is proving over and over that Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the most proven methods for creating rapid, lasting change.

What is EFT, and will it work for me?

EFT, also referred to as “tapping”, involves literally tapping on different energy points on your body. Tapping, in combination with specifically scripted language, has the ability to permanently reverse a habit, symptom, condition or belief in a rapid period of time.

Whether this is quitting smoking, making more money, eating healthier, removing physical pain symptoms, increasing confidence, and overall allowing you to live a life of emotional freedom.

The quality of our lives is based on the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel on a regular basis. Would it be somewhat difficult for someone dealing with constant negative emotional patterns to live a happy, fulfilled life? Yes.

Would it be easy for someone who has removed these emotional blockages to live a happy life from the inside out? Also yes.

What can EFT work for?

EFT isn’t just used to end painful thoughts or symptoms, it is a highly powerful tool in helping you bring to manifest the life circumstances you desire. Whether it is the relationship you want, the body you want, the career or business you want, there is an underlying reason that you don’t have these things already.

As we grow up, we begin developing beliefs about what is or isn’t true for us. Until we make a conscious decision to remove these beliefs, our subconscious mind will accept them to be true and make them automatic.

Let me ask you this, would it be hard to manifest the relationship you want if you were feeling a very low level of confidence around whether you even deserve it? Yes.

Would it be hard to have a business that allows you total location and financial freedom when your subconscious mind believes “I have to work hard for 40 hours per week just to pay the bills”? Double YES.

Removing these false belief systems and reprogramming yourself is the fastest way to create rapid change in any area of your life.

Is EFT placebo? Is there any science behind it?

Thats a great question, and the first thing I asked myself when I felt like a complete fool tapping on different parts of my face repeating a phrase about my lack of deservingness over and over. How on earth could tapping on different parts of my body actually create any change, let alone one that lasts?

The good thing is, there is tons of science and case studies that support EFT and its ability to actually slow activity in both the Amygdala (ancient part of your brain that creates the stress response) and the Hippocampus (the file folder where all of your memories are stored).

In accessing these parts of your brain, we are able to get to the root cause of what’s causing any complication in your life and begin removing it immediately.

My favourite part about EFT is that it is just as effective on somebody who thinks it is the greatest thing in the world as it is on someone who thinks it is a complete hoax.

How do I know if EFT is right for me?

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Jordan Oelrich | Transformative Coach & EFT Practitioner