I am a certified RMT life coach under the teaching of Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha.

Strategic Intervention applies techniques that are designed to make rapid, permanent change, especially through the use of moving energy and using language to penetrate the unconscious mind.

Alignment Club Coaching is dedicated on creating a life of fulfilment from the inside out, emotional freedom and creating rapid change in the direction you truly want for your life.

Alignment Club Coaching uses tools that allow you to create rapid change and cultivate true happiness from the inside out

Creating Self-Awareness

“We cannot change that which we cannot see”

It can be hard to take stock on what could be holding you back in any area of your life. If you feel like you’re working yourself to death without getting the results you want, there is often simply a blockage in your unconscious belief system.

By accessing and challenging these beliefs, we can quickly remove them and begin conditioning more empowering thoughts, feelings and behaviour

Intrinsic Happiness

Things are great, but they are not the source of our abundance. Being able to tap the highest version of yourself, beyond what we consider the lower self or the “ego”, allows you to build greater levels of trust in yourself and your decisions

EFT Tapping and NLP

To change anything in your life, you must only alter two things: The language that goes on in your head and the images you create with your mind.

By combining the power of EFT tapping with specific language patterns, metaphors and reframes, rapid change occurs within 1 or 2 coaching sessions.

Since beginning a pro-active journey into healing, I have been trying everything under the sun and have been noticing minimal progress. What I didn’t know until consulting with Jordan, was that there was no way around getting to the root of my problems if I wanted dramatic transformation. I was afraid of what I might find! Using EFT as one of our tools, Jordan has been helping me to get to the bottom of my issues (mental, spiritual, physical and financial), allowing me to begin releasing all the things that I’ve been allowing to hold me back. His naturally upbeat nature, positive mindset and thoughtful check-ins help me stay on track. We’ve only just started, but already I have hope and plans for the future that I just didn’t have before. Thank you, Jordan!

Keri T.