Stepping into Creativity

A giant step towards living a life of alignment is knowing how to tap into creative resources

There are few things better than a flood of creative emotion, a spark that arises from within that becomes so strong it is almost impossible to ignore. These are the moments to take massive action in the direction of this premonition, and often where great results are achieved.


Creativity doesn’t always show itself at the snap of our fingers. Sometimes creativity is buried beneath a plethora of lower emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety, despair or envy.

When was the last time you were in complete fight-or-flight mode, and sat down thinking “wow, I have never felt so creative in my life!”

Being in survival mode is great when you are trying to quickly escape a predator, trying to get your head above water (literally), or making a fast decision to treat a sudden medical emergency. It is not so wonderful when you are sitting down to do creative work.

Moving from fear to creativity

Allowing yourselves to move from a fearful state into a relaxed, creative mode often starts with just that: allowing. Giving ourselves permission to move from a place of scarcity, fear and urgency into our most creative selves begins when we get over the idea that we have to constantly be pushing, working and creating resistance.

One thing you can do right now to move from fear into creativity is to stop trying to be creative! Get over the idea that you have to push to be creative, and go do something that brings you joy. As you move into a joyful, playful state you notice yourself start to relax. From a relaxed state, creativity becomes natural.

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Doing Things that Scare You

As your comfort zone begins to expand, bit by bit your life becomes filled with more excitement and joy

At one point or another, we all feel the feelings of stagnation, even boredom with our current circumstances. This doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty to be thankful for in any given moment, it just means that maybe we are starting to feel too much comfort or repetition in our daily actions.

What’s one way to break this pattern, create new results and condition yourself to become more resilient? Simply by doing things that freak you out a bit.

When we are (and we never should have valid reason to be) bored, it is often because we have dug ourselves so deep into our comfort zone that we don’t feel like doing anything outside of it.

If you are reading this thinking about how boring your day is going to be today, why don’t you go ask a random person if they want to go for coffee with you? Or email your boss telling him that you quit and aren’t going to be coming in tomorrow, or ever?

Surely these things would cure boredom, yes? Of course they would, but the reason we don’t do them is because we like taking action that is measurable and somewhat within our zone of safety.

This is the cool part:

What happens next after you decide to announce your business, ask the person on a date, apply for the new position, or book the plane ticket?

Not much, aside from a small, medium or large rush of excitement accompanied by a sense of “I can’t believe I just did that!”

The world keeps turning, maybe you pull your first client on the first day or someone messages you and says “I honestly don’t know why you waited so long, you’re so talented”. Maybe your boss replies with an absolute no, or an absolute yes to your request to work remotely for a year.

Regardless of the answer, who cares? You did the thing that scares you, and now you could go back to do it again without it feeling so terrifying.

Take a moment, ask yourself to come up with five things that would be so terrifying to get started on today, then pick one and simply go for it.

When you start using fear as a go-signal rather than a stop light, life becomes exhilarating.

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Make a Powerful Choice to Align in 2020

The life, the career, the partner you want, they come available when you choose to stay open to possibility

As we enter the year of 2020, take a moment to look back on the previous decade. Who did you become? What did you choose to add into your life, or cut out of your life because it no longer served you? What were the highlights, and what would you have done differently if you were given the choice?

Our lives are a result of the thoughts we think and the actions we take. The actions we take are our own personal choices, actions that we are completely responsible for.

We all make choices that we wish we could go back and re-do, but the fun part about life is that there are no do-overs. Everything you are living with right now has been a result of your choices, take a moment to accept that they have been perfect, and that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Make the choice to spend the next decade living for you

What does it feel like when you look at your current life situation? Does it feel light and fun, or does it feel heavy and stressful? How does work feel to you right now, are you doing something that you truly enjoy doing?

If the answer is no, that is perfect, because you are at least in a place now of knowing what you do not want for yourself. Abraham-Hicks states that knowing what you don’t want is a powerful part of discovering what it is that you do want.

If you aren’t living the life you truly want, then who’s life are you living? Are you staying at a job simply because you receive a bi-weekly pay check, even though it may not be the amount of money you want to be making? Are you staying in a position that pleases everybody but yourself?

Good news: If the people you’re living to please right now don’t support you when you choose to make a change in your life, then it is a reflection of their own judgements, not your flaws.

People that are supposed to be in your life, these people will support you no matter what. These people are the ones that want to see you grow and expand, not shrink back and contract into a smaller version of yourself.

Again, commit to living the next ten years in alignment with the life situation that you truly want for yourself

Life happens fast, nothing is to be taken for granted, time is the most valuable asset we have. Even if you lost all your money today, you can easily make it back. The same cannot be said about time.

Ask yourself, “what do I want the next ten years to look like? Who am I as I enter the year 2030? Where do I live, who are my friends, what does my work look like, how much fun am I having?”

Find this vision, create a plan of action, and love every moment along the way.

Leave Your Limitations in 2019

Allowing yourself to be responsible for making a quantum leap in the decade to come

As I write this, it is the final morning of this decade in which I can sit and write while watching the snow fly outside and enjoying the dead silence of the early morning.

As we transition into a new decade of life, a question that I have been asking myself a lot is “if I knew there were no chance of failure, what would I want the following decade to look like?”

I love the words of Anthony Robbins which read: “Most people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in 2 or 3 decades.”

The plague of short-term thinking withholds us from seeing a larger, broader, more expanded vision for what we want for our lives.

Constantly scrambling to make this month’s rent will keep someone stuck in a scarcity loop of merely trying to survive, a far cry from doing work as your most creative self.

If you want the next ten years to look better than the previous ten years, ask yourself “what do I need to obtain, and what must I let go of?”

Reverting back to Michael Beckwith’s “Life Visioning Process” (which I would recommend trying at least once before planning out your next ten years), knowing not just what you must become, but what you must be willing to release, is a vital step in creating the life you really want.

If you said “I want to 10x my income in the next year”, your brain will probably come up with some funny answers that will probably sound something like this:

  • “10x your income? You can’t even 2x your income! You don’t have the resources for that. Let’s be realistic, let’s keep things safe and familiar, the decade after this is the one we will really crush it!”
  • “Don’t even go there, imagine what your friends would think of you? You’d be left in the dust, plagued as a ‘dreamer'”
  • “Look at where you are right now, how on earth do you think you could increase your income ten fold? You can barely make rent! Let’s get back to our regular duties and way of doing things”

Understand that the primal part of your brain has one job and one job only: To keep you from dying.

This is why when you tell yourself you’d like to accomplish something, but refuse to take immediate, inspired, aligned action, you will often talk yourself out of it and return to your regular habitual actions.

The more we can keep things safe and familiar, the more the primal part of our brain thinks it’s doing the most amazing job in the world.

The only problem with this is that greatness does not take place from the safe and familiar

When you are faced with these self-imposed limitations, ask yourself one question: “Is the journey I am considering embarking on going to hurt me physically, and greatly increase my chances of death?”

If the answer is yes, then consider it again. If the answer is no, then push past the fear and know that it is just trying to help you stay alive. Every time you take bold, inspired action despite the fear, you stretch your comfort zone bit by bit.

The more your stretch your comfort zone bit by bit, the more confident you feel in accomplishing things that used to be hard.

The more confident you feel in accomplishing things that used to be hard, the more you learn to appreciate your own abilities, and ultimately appreciate yourself.

The more you appreciate your own abilities, and ultimately appreciate yourself, the happier you become.

The happier you become, the better your life is!

This is why it is vital to leave some of these self-imposed limitations in the current decade, promising yourself not to carry them through to 2020 and beyond.

We are always up against our most negative self. Training yourself to push past limitations that you created by buying into a belief of lack, that there is only so much to go around, is going to create rapid change in your life.

As you create rapid change in your life, others around you feel inspired to do the same.

Right now, no matter what (if you’re driving please don’t partake in this, also stop reading right now), grab a pen and a piece of paper.

Write out 5 things you want to accomplish in the next 10 years, but make sure all of them scare you at least a bit.

Never set goals within your own comfort zone, setting goals only from what you can see as “realistic” is a perfect recipe for change that takes place at the speed of molasses.

Push yourself, create new boundaries, do what it is that makes you happy on the inside, give more than you’ve ever given, and leave your limitations in 2019.

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Destroying Limiting Beliefs in 2020

What are the beliefs that are standing in the way of what you want?

Oftentimes when we begin to dig for what it is that’s holding us back, we search for the answer outside of ourselves. Aiming for a new career, a new job, a new friend group, a new this or that. While change is necessary in growing, oftentimes we carry the same beliefs to the new situation, which is not a long-term strategy for change.

So, how do we change the belief system that shapes our very existence?

First we must do the hard part, which is finding and acknowledging the beliefs that might be in the way of our successes.

Notice the world “acknowledge”, for when we push against a belief by becoming angry or frustrated about how we have never changed it, or how badly we wish it didn’t exist, the belief will continue to push back and create resistance.

Acknowledgment of a limiting belief is the first step to replacing it with a new, healthy belief system.


I held onto a belief for a long time that one’s “work” in life must consist of one thing and one thing only, and to expand over multiple industries would be taboo.

Is this true? No. In fact, limiting yourself to one business or occupation is just that: limiting yourself.

Because Bono was known for being the face of the band U2, does that mean that he shouldn’t have an investment fund? Of course not.

Is George Clooney wrong for having his own line of tequila? Also no.

Because Serena Williams is one of the world’s greatest tennis players, does that mean she should be banished from the fashion industry? Another no.

With the belief that we are confined to one type of business, one industry or one line of work, how likely are we to grow and expand into more of what we want to be?

The answer is not very likely.

It took me a long time to acknowledge the fact that this belief existed, but as soon as I did it was as though a veil had been lifted and I was able to see things in a whole new light. Is it totally okay to expand your work across multiple industries?

Of course.

Think for a second about a belief that might be limiting for you in some way. Here are a few examples to get your brain jogging:

  • “Hard work is the only path to success”
  • “I’m not qualified for it”
  • “I don’t know enough”
  • “I could never learn how to do that”
  • “Money is hard to come by”
  • “I am limited to the resources I can see right now”
  • “In order to make a good living, I must be working 40 hours per week”
  • “More hours = More money”
  • “I’m too old”
  • “I’m too young”
  • “People in my family or friend circle wouldn’t approve of me”
  • “Maybe I won’t be loved”
  • “I could never make a living doing something I love”
  • “Getting rich is for those people”

Think, think, think.

The good news? Once you acknowledge and replace the belief, you are moving quickly towards that which you desire.

To replace my limiting belief about having one line of work, I would repeatedly write down the following statement:

“The only limits that exist are those which I have created for myself”

This makes facing some of your beliefs humorous on some level.

In the year upcoming, focus on expanding your thinking and deleting these old, outdated beliefs that no longer serve you.

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Everything is Created Twice

Learning to consciously choose our thoughts, and what we want to deliberately create for our lives

Have you ever been in the middle of a down spiral in life, wondering exactly how you got there? In contrary, have you ever been enjoying a moment of such bliss that you couldn’t fathom how you could’ve possibly been met with a new level of fortune in such a short period of time?

As Stephen Covey noted in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, these situations occur because everything is created twice.

Every famous painting, every New York Times bestseller, every #1 song, The Great Wall of China, the Empire State Building, the New York Stock Exchange, the money (or lack thereof) of money in your bank account, the Mona Lisa, the breakfast you ate this morning, this blog post, the house you live in, the fact that you chose that house to live in and not the one across the street, my daughter who is walking a piece of wrapping paper around the living room like it is a dog attached to a leash…

All of these things were created first by thought before they came to be a part of your experience.

It doesn’t mean that you were consciously choosing to focus on these things, they may have been a part of your subconscious thought loop that plays over and over in the background, even when you’re sleeping.

So… is this a blessing or a curse?

Now that you understand that you have the ability to consciously choose what you focus on, this realization can fall into the ‘blessing’ folder. Human beings are the only living things that have the ability to consciously choose what they focus on at any given time.

Are you having a hard time with money? Pay attention to what you focus on on a regular basis. Are your thoughts on the lack of money in your bank account? Not many people have ever obtained riches by constantly focusing on, complaining about and giving energy to a constant worry about their upcoming bills. Worrying about money and creating new, enjoyable ways to earn are exercising two very different parts of your mind.

What about your relationship? Do you focus on what you enjoy about the other person, and dismiss their flaws while loving the fact that they dismiss yours? Maybe it is your constant attempt to create a relationship that is keeping you from having the one that you want? There is nothing fun, playful or attractive about someone who is giving off the vibration of “please be with me, I am so lonely and need someone to make me feel okay. Please!”

When the down spiral of self-limiting thoughts begins, make the conscious choice to choose a better thought.

What if the next time you had an idea for a great product or service, you took immediate action and changed your life forever? What if you decided today that you will end bad habits and change the way you and your family live for good?

Condition this new habit of paying close attention to what you’re thinking about and focusing on in periods of low energy. Next time you create a future worst case scenario in your head, ask yourself “is this exactly how I’d like this situation to play out in real life?”

Everything is created twice. Be diligent in what you create in your mind as the more attention it receives, the closer it gets to becoming a reality.

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Thinking BIG

In order to take our lives to a greater level, we must first learn to think on a greater level

In the latest episode of The Alignment Club Podcast, we discussed the art of thinking bigger, and how simply shifting the scale at which you can imagine has the ability to make immediate change in your life.

I spent many years stuck in a habit loop of small-minded thinking. I thought that simply working myself to exhaustion would certainly bring me the results I was after.

Regardless of where you are right now, your current job, financials or life situation, you always have the privilege of simply taking a moment to think BIGGER.

When the down-spiral of worry creeps in, a great way to pull yourself up and out of it is to simply ask yourself the question “is this me thinking big? Is this part of my simply vying for my own limitations, without giving way to the expansion that is trying to take place from within?”

Thinking big is exhilarating. You don’t have to have a seven-figure business to imagine what it would feel like, you don’t have to have your dream home to picture how it will be when you sign off on it, repeatedly using your imagination on a bigger scale will undoubtedly begin to steer you towards bigger results in your life.

Start to practice the art of thinking BIG, and know that you are taking an important step towards fulfilling that which you were put here to do!

Listen to the most recent episode of The Alignment Club Podcast below:

Following Through on your New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are seemingly so simply, why aren’t they easy?

For the first time EVER… I managed to follow through on a New Year’s Resolution. It was a very simple goal of reading 52 books in 2019. With just a couple left in 2019, unless I lose my eyesight or get hit by a semi I am excited to say that I will easily meet this goal.

After (literally) a lifetime of watching my New Years goals go down the drain by the end of January, going into 2019 I looked at exactly what it was that was holding me back. Why did it seem so difficult to follow through on my resolutions, even if they were something incredibly simple?

The fear of not following through and the fear of letting myself down were the driving forces in simply giving up before I would even allow myself to get started. Don’t talk yourself out of that which will close the gap on getting where you want to go.

In my experience for 2019’s New Years Resolution, the key was repetition. Consistently reminding myself of my goal, why it was important, and that it was actually wildly possible were the simple steps that kept me going.

The result? A new sense of confidence, and a whole lot of new knowledge from reading a giant stack of books on happiness, personal development, entrepreneurship, investing/trading, spirituality, quantum physics, business and human behavior.

Listen to the most recent episode of The Alignment Club Podcast below, and make the decision that you will follow through on your goals for 2020.

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Feeling Stuck? How to find your Ikigai

T. Harv Eker says “why don’t most people get what they want? Because most people don’t know what they want”. I can relate to this, I never understood why it seemed to be so important to have crystal-clear vision on where you wanted to go, I always figured that I didn’t have time to be planning my future with all of this work to do.

However, that was the exact outlook that kept me stuck, that kept me working and working and working without actually getting anywhere. With no target to aim for, it was easy to become a master in what Napoleon Hill refers to as drifting around with no real intention.

It’s easy to not end up where you want to be, when you don’t know where it is that you want to be. Your life purpose may change or shift with time, but having a macro vision today is a powerful first step in going from where you are to where you want to be.

So, how do we get started?

This exercise refers to a Japanese word called Ikigai, which essentially means reason for being. After being tired of running in circles for so long, this exercise showed me that my Ikigai is to impact the lives of people in a positive way through my actions, my spoken word and my written word. Now, all of my actions can align with this higher purpose, and I am able to quickly discern when something is not in alignment with my Ikigai.

Finding your Ikigai:

  • Grab 4 pieces of paper, title one “What I’m Good At”, the next “What I Love”, the next “What the World Needs”, and the last with “What I can be Paid for
  • Go in whichever order you feel most drawn to, and fill at least one side of each paper.
  • Upon completion of each page, take a moment to review every point written before beginning the next topic.
  • Once you have completed all four topics , review them again and highlight three of each that stand out to you on each page.
  • Take those three and narrow them down to one for each topic
  • Voila, you have determined your Ikigai

What next?

If you are ever having a difficult time making a decision, ask yourself “does this align with my Ikigai?” If the answer is yes, then go forward. If the answer is no, then simply delegate or outsource the task while you continue to hone in on your purposeful duties.

I decided that in order to make 2020 a breakthrough year, I am going to have to let go of some things. To let go of control on some duties that I have been scared to outsource lately, to let go of “what will people think of this?”, to let go of old beliefs and stories.

Having an Ikigai allows me to navigate through challenging decisions by always asking the question “is this in alignment with my definite purpose, or not?” The answer is always binary, and the decision can then be made.

I hope this was helpful for you, and I hope you do one thing today that simply focuses on living in alignment.

What is Yours Will Find You

If you had to, could you remember a time when you wanted something so badly, it was right in front of you, and somehow the deal fell through? The offer got rejected, the contract fell through, it felt like everything was coming down around you?

These experiences happen to everybody, and sometimes they can be wildly disappointing. It is easy to play the victim and say “why me? why would this happen now?”, but what if nothing was ever happening to you?

What if every deal that has ever fallen through was simply pushing you towards a better outcome, every failed relationship was providing you first-hand with the lessons you will need for the future, what if it were completely impossible for things to “go wrong?”

When something is destined to be yours, it is impossible for it to miss you. This allows us to live from a place of “the fact this didn’t work for me means that something better is en route”. This is a much more peaceful way of living than constantly trying to push and force things to happen.

A Course in Miracles reads: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

I have never seen grass that is stressed about it’s growth rate, or leaves that come in the winter because they just couldn’t wait until spring, or sun that comes up in the middle of the night (Alaska is an exception) because it just couldn’t wait for morning.

Does this mean to avoid taking massive action on your goals? No. This simply means letting go of that which you cannot control, and knowing that nothing finds its way into your experience by accident.

Enjoy this Sunday.

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