Following Through on your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are seemingly so simply, why aren’t they easy?

For the first time EVER… I managed to follow through on a New Year’s Resolution. It was a very simple goal of reading 52 books in 2019. With just a couple left in 2019, unless I lose my eyesight or get hit by a semi I am excited to say that I will easily meet this goal.

After (literally) a lifetime of watching my New Years goals go down the drain by the end of January, going into 2019 I looked at exactly what it was that was holding me back. Why did it seem so difficult to follow through on my resolutions, even if they were something incredibly simple?

The fear of not following through and the fear of letting myself down were the driving forces in simply giving up before I would even allow myself to get started. Don’t talk yourself out of that which will close the gap on getting where you want to go.

In my experience for 2019’s New Years Resolution, the key was repetition. Consistently reminding myself of my goal, why it was important, and that it was actually wildly possible were the simple steps that kept me going.

The result? A new sense of confidence, and a whole lot of new knowledge from reading a giant stack of books on happiness, personal development, entrepreneurship, investing/trading, spirituality, quantum physics, business and human behavior.

Listen to the most recent episode of The Alignment Club Podcast below, and make the decision that you will follow through on your goals for 2020.

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