What is Yours Will Find You

If you had to, could you remember a time when you wanted something so badly, it was right in front of you, and somehow the deal fell through? The offer got rejected, the contract fell through, it felt like everything was coming down around you?

These experiences happen to everybody, and sometimes they can be wildly disappointing. It is easy to play the victim and say “why me? why would this happen now?”, but what if nothing was ever happening to you?

What if every deal that has ever fallen through was simply pushing you towards a better outcome, every failed relationship was providing you first-hand with the lessons you will need for the future, what if it were completely impossible for things to “go wrong?”

When something is destined to be yours, it is impossible for it to miss you. This allows us to live from a place of “the fact this didn’t work for me means that something better is en route”. This is a much more peaceful way of living than constantly trying to push and force things to happen.

A Course in Miracles reads: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

I have never seen grass that is stressed about it’s growth rate, or leaves that come in the winter because they just couldn’t wait until spring, or sun that comes up in the middle of the night (Alaska is an exception) because it just couldn’t wait for morning.

Does this mean to avoid taking massive action on your goals? No. This simply means letting go of that which you cannot control, and knowing that nothing finds its way into your experience by accident.

Enjoy this Sunday.

How do we destroy scarcity thinking? By taking our focus off of ourselves. Listen to episode 003 of the Alignment Club Podcast below:

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