Meditation: A Life Changing Tool

What if you could slip from the states of anxiety or stress, into a blissful state where you can’t even remember what it was that had you wound up in the first place?

It is not only possible, it’s very easy once you become accustomed to it and will have a profound effect on your day-to-day.

There is almost an addictive property that comes with the elevated feeling of switching from the ego brain that loves to focus on problems and scarcity, into a state in which no problems truly exist.

The toning out of external noise, stressful thoughts become replaced with a clearer vision on what is actually going on in your life. Feelings of gratitude and acceptance seem to arise without even seeking them out.

Meditation is the fastest way to tap into who-you-really-are and further detach from who-you-think-you-are.

At first, I could barely meditate 5 minutes without drifting off to sleep. I then progressed to the realization that if I were sitting vs. lying, meditation became much easier.

After spending 60 – 120 minutes per day in meditation for the last 6 or so months, I could say that there is nothing in life that has ever made such a rapid, more lasting effect on my happiness, ability to control my emotions, and overall state.

A driving purpose behind the birth of Alignment Club was driving to the gym one morning, wondering how much better the world would be if everybody took just a few moments per day to connect with themselves.

More on this in the future. Until then, enjoy the living daylights out of your existence today and here is a wonderful guided meditation from Eckhart Tolle to start, end, or simply break up any day:

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